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24h-Rohr- & Kanalreinigung

24h-Rohr- & Kanalreinigung
Juni 2024
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Appointments & Patient Info: 314-286-1940
To make or reschedule an appointment, our clinic phones are open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Learn more about our clinical practice here.

Washington University Physical Therapy is a pioneer of the movement diagnosis-based approach to physical therapy. These diagnoses allow therapists to accurately identify the specific causes of your pain and impairment.


At each appointment, you receive one-on-one personalized care.  Your clinician will work with you to implement the most clinically effective—and cost-effective—treatment.


Over half of our physical therapists hold clinical specializations representing extensive training in a specific practice area such as orthopedics (OCS), neurology (NCS), women’s health (WCS), and sports (SCS).

Do you want help?   Phone : 312-282-2240

If you are a WUSTL faculty member, staff or student, call 3124-2286-1940 to schedule an appointment at our Danforth location.